Stop Aiming for Normal

Momentum of Joy

Picture_20170721_210115536 This is a swallowtail caterpillar nibbling on parsley on our patio. There’s a smaller one to the upper left in the pic, too.

I’m not normal.  I know this.  Apparently it’s all the rage though because I constantly hear people saying how they just want to be normal.

While we are on the subject, would someone mind clarifying for me exactly what that means please.  Also I would like detail regarding why so many people are dead set on achieving the whole being “normal” distinction.  If possible, please provide specific examples of the actual normal people in the world so I can have a template to emulate.  I don’t think that I’ve personally met any of these normal individuals just yet, but maybe I can’t recognize it since I’ve never fit the mold.  On that note, do they sell that mold on Amazon, and if so, it is available with…

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5 thoughts on “Stop Aiming for Normal

  1. With a smirk I reply, “Normal? Does any artistic person want to be normal?”
    NOOOOOOOOO – don’t be a sheep! Be unique!!! Rejoice in thinking for yourself and being strong enough to follow your own inner compass — and if you get lost, ha, there are light houses out there in people like me (Me?! uh oh!) to remind you that there is sanity and amazing self confidence and intrepid spirit!!
    Thanks for your comment, |I’m so glad that you loved the kingfisher, and we’ll try to figure out something – it will be part of this ‘nomadas in manabi’ show that was supposed to open tonight – i”m guessing in another week of two it will open.
    If so, then late July I’ll be in the usa for two weeks, arriving new orleans direct from ecuador/panama ….
    will be back online soon!


    1. Keep me updated! I’m so excited for you amazing girl!!! And of course I am so in agreement. Why in the world would we ever hope to achieve normal? Eck! 😉 You darling are spectacular! Again – please let me know when you are back online. I always adore hearing from you!


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