A Prolific Bird and Mirror of Self

We recently moved to a new home with all kinds of fun wildlife, and taking photos of the animals inspires and calms me. This post reflects both of those elements. Ping me if you have similar posts that capture a hobby you love that gets your writing brain in gear, too. I would love to read and share your writing as well. ❤️

Momentum of Joy


The hummingbird migration is in full swing in Texas, but in our own yard, it is more akin to an invasion. They race from flower to flower and feeder to feeder throughout the day as they weave in and out of the trees like water rushing through stones. Their high pitch squabbles can be heard from every direction of the yard. We catch them hovering in front of our windows and look for their return whenever they dart away leaving only a hint of their frenetic magic in their wake.


The migration goes by in a flash, and I can’t resist taking a short break in the evening to photograph these breath-taking beauties from my bedroom window. To my endless amusement, the birds seem equally intrigued with me. They readily park themselves inches away from the glass and observe me in return as they pose happily for the camera. Maybe…

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