The Storms That We Endure Shape Our Beauty and Strengthen Us

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We judge ourselves with the harshest of filters when we are struggling within. We often feel like we are battered by our situations and our emotions. In those times of severe self-critical examination, we fail to notice the beautiful revelations in those moments. We can’t see that the storms that we are enduring will never define us yet they will give us definition.

Our cracked facade is never a sign of our being hopelessly broken but rather proof of our indomitable strength. The perceived faults are our true beauty and the scars are evidence of the roads upon which we have traversed and triumphed. Our lives are miraculous wonders and our stories are anything but happenstance.

Celebrate the rough patches. The sharp edges. The broken corners. The rugged beauty of our human existence is a true wonder to behold.

Don’t ever let the wind or water take you down. You can survive any storm that heads your way, and your being able to read these words proves how far you have already come.

Never give up, never give in, and always always always keep going. You have important things to do, and it’s time to let your true beauty shine.

Much love to you all.  Jo

9 thoughts on “The Storms That We Endure Shape Our Beauty and Strengthen Us

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    1. Thank you sweet friend. I have been thinking about you this week. They cleared a terrible number of trees on the large lot behind our home a few days ago. It was heart wrenching. I kept thinking about your recent post and again felt so thankful for people like you who care about this planet. Of course I absolutely adore you as a friend as well! You are so wonderful talented girl. 🙂


      1. hey… i adore you as well – isn’t life ‘funny’ how we’re gifted with special soul friends? i send my empathy, as i’m sure it was extremely painful to witness. remember to steer way round words like heart-breaking/heart wrenching, as after the earthquake, many people used those words to describe (over and over) and many people ended up with heart surgeries… i’ve had to work hard to avoid those phrases, but no matter how we say it, a sensitive person feels things with much-stronger doses…

        i’ve attempted to write a post offline – and i keep deleting what i write – so hard to describe what’s happening… i’m going to try to post a few images, and those alone will tell the story.

        hang in there amazing and multi-talented renaissance woman…. your hands are full with many responsibilities right now, but your destiny is an important one.!

        your greatest faraway fan!

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      2. It’s funny that you said that because I have also been noticing that my language has been heading that way more than ever before. I greatly appreciate your reminding me to be cognizant of the words that I choose because of course you are completely right. Words are incredibly power and we have to select them with precision and kindness (to ourselves and others).

        I hope that you are okay darling. I certainly don’t think of you as one who struggles to share her emotions about the world around you, so you must be tremendously upset by what you are seeing.

        I am always always always here if you need anything at all Lisa – even if it’s just an ear to listen to you or a shoulder to cry on. I pray that you are well dear friend, and I know that your light is endlessly shining on all around you. You will always be a brilliant spark of goodness, and your hope is infectious in the best way. You are basically the ebola of goodness. 😉

        Just know that I’m here, and I’m always sending good vibes your way. Big big hugs. Jo

        ***P.S. Did someone snag my kingfisher already!?! I’m certain that they did. It’s a stunning piece. 🙂


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