Keep Dancing

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We returned from a our family tour de USA yesterday, and I could hear the end of summer clock clanging in my mind as we walked back in the door. Our kids have a few short days before school begins once more, so I decided to have a mini-meltdown today to maximize that time with them. While I could send you a list of reasons that would (sort of) rationalize that temper tantrum, the short truth is this – I just don’t want summer to end.

I love the flexibility that comes with minimal scheduling. I enjoy having my kids within hollering distance and appreciate sharing meals during the day during my work breaks. Instead of reading about the world, we have time to go experience it instead. Not that we actually do that very often in reality, but we could (if that frickin money tree would start sprouting).

So my goal is this – find a working money tree.

And my backup goal (because it’s wise to have a backup goal when your initial goal is dependent on a botanical that can produce viable currency) is to find a way to live with greater freedom. Before you suggest it, I would like to note that home-schooling is not in the cards at this junction. This restriction is not based on any negative perceptions on my part but rather a conflict with my sanity (because oh em gee I would go bazerk trying to get them to stay on task) and their safety (because when the bazerk happens, my inner Tasmanian devil appears). Also my work schedule keeps me way too much in the weeds to add schooling to the task list.

But I do feel like there is another way out there. A better way. An approach to parenting and schooling and overall living that is less focused on schedules and deliverables and more focused on enjoying the days we have.

Do I know what that way is? Nope. No clue in the slightest.

Nevertheless it’s there. I’m certain of it, and thus my quest for endless summer continues. I’ve already got the incessant heat (thanks so much to Texas for that contribution!), so there must be a way to keep the rest going, too. I want to keep dancing. It’s just a matter of finding the right rhythm. 😉

Wishing a lovely week to you all! Jo

8 thoughts on “Keep Dancing

    1. I cry every year. It’s embarrassing. I even have a song that I bust out in an effort to expedite the process. Lol – I’m such a dork! But it saddens me to watch the years fly by. If I ever have the money to create my own commune, I’m so doing it! 😉

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  1. Long ago when I was married, I would say to my husband, ‘Let’s quit all of this work and go be Swiss Family Robinson…’ He knew that I meant it, but to me it seemed that the more money we made, the more it consumed our times… work owned us, and we worked more to pay for those assets – and he was becoming more and more stressed, successful – yes, but stressed – oh my.. but yes, we keep dancing, and all is fine as long as we have a smile in our heart!

    I miss a lot about th culture I left behind, but I also dis-miss a lot that is not very healthy…

    Hang in there lovely friend!

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    1. It’s so funny that you chose that family. I have said the same thing to my husband, but the whole “mail order a bride via the ocean / pirate avoidance” situation has always troubled me. I think that we probably would just float off into the global sunset if I didn’t worry about the kids’ need for some social stability. If it was just me, I would be a nomad and my only goal would be to see more new and beautiful everythings every single day. I adore living vicariously through your experiences in your posts. You are living my dream and owning it like a boss. 😉


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