Winks from the Universe

Do you ever get the feeling that the universe is sending you little divine winks to confirm that you are heading in the right direction? I think that I often miss them, but I suspect that this is not indicative of their absence.

I don’t believe in an inherently right or wrong path as there are innumerable choices we can make in every minute of each day. But even within those countless shades of possibilities that endlessly color our moments, I do experience times when I feel like I’m truly resonating with something important – like I’m making contact with the part of my soul that is so much bigger than my day to day life. I feel like I’m following a course that will allow me to spread the wings I innately have that are uniquely my own. The moments come and go in a flash, but when they happen, they leave a beautiful imprint on my spirit.

When I’m in that place, I find myself noticing funny little happenstances that only I would recognize. It can be a friendly text coming in from a person dancing around my thoughts. Sometimes it’s a surprisingly well-timed song on the radio. And this evening, it was bumping into a friend and having him unexpectedly share with me that he enjoys reading my writing – a surprising confession and a beautiful compliment.

Please note that I’ll be the first person to tell you that this isn’t earth-shattering stuff. Nevertheless those little unexpected moments reinforce the significance of the positive thoughts and actions we enact. They remind us that although we may be surrounded by a boundless universe and are mere specks of matter in the grand cosmic equation, what we do matters and who we are matters. These winks confirm in the most personal of ways that no moment of our existence is inconsequential.

So this is my little wink back to the universe. A hat tip if you will. Thank you for encouraging me forward. Thank you for reminding me once more to release more of the fear and place more of my energy in trust.

Thank you also to my friend for his kind words. I appreciated them more than he could possibly know and needed to hear them more than I could have realized. Truly – thank you.

Big hugs to all. Jo

7 thoughts on “Winks from the Universe

  1. Oh yes, the universe sends lots of winks, and usually I say out loud, “Thank you thank you thank you!’ A few nights ago I peered outside to see if the clouds would allow a view of the full moon .. no, but the sky was still very bright, and I saw a biggish bird swoop very close.. so I peered closer and saw something perched on a dead cecropria… it was a ‘common potoo’ – and allowed a great photo session, though i needed an assistant to shine the flashlight so i could take better photos.. alas, i juggled both and got a few images, no great ones, but enough to appreciate the ‘wink.’

    Almost always if something has my spirits down, I will find a wink – something that reminds me that there is a lot we don’t understand, but we’re never alone, and we’re always doted on – even during bad times.

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    1. I have a feeling the universe gets its winks from you. I imagine that you must have bad days, but all I ever feel from you in sunshine and kindness. I’ve mentioned that you are amazing, yes??? 😉 ❤️


      1. witnessing the deforestation is the devil’s easy access to my ‘grrrrrrrrr’ button… there are a few other triggers (bad word these days) but i can usually dodge most of them… i ask, ‘is this about ego? if so, remove the ego and the problem usually goes away.’ then i ask myself, ‘will this matter in a week?’ or ‘in a month?’ or ‘in a year?’ but most times all i have to do is give myself a reality check, be grateful that i have a good roof over my head, and food on the table, and intelligence, and ability to think fast, etc etc, and all’s fine… there are so many with much grander probs, and they’d quickly trade with my silly challenges!

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    1. It’s so true. I find that there are signs and winks all around us when I am willing to pay attention (even sometimes when I’m not). Nature definitely has a unique and beautiful way of reminding us that we are not alone. 🙂


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