Back to School Anxiety (Mine, Not Theirs)

It all begins once more tomorrow. We went through the various outfit options, prepped the lunches and backpacks, and multiple kids got in big trouble before it was over. So all in all, it was a standard school night kind of evening. I already know that I will be terribly sad in the morning when I drop them off, and then I will be even sadder when I come home to the deafening silence of an empty home. Thankfully that pile o’ dishes and crumbs that will greet me upon my return will most definitely be awaiting me will remind me of their close proximity. Part of me is being sarcastic, but a bigger part of me is genuinely grateful for everything they leave scattered in their collective kid wake.

The good news is that if history is any indicative of future performance (which it is NOT in finance – please see attached disclosures), I may be luxuriating in the quiet after I get past my initial adjustment period. Although my favorite part of the day will always be when we are all together once more, maybe a few minutes of solitude won’t be the worst thing either.

Back to school Monday feels like a pretty crappy week starter at the moment, but I have a stockpile of work spreadsheets and truckloads of laundry that are betting otherwise. I guess we shall see.

Whether you are back to school, over school, past school, or just rejoicing in an endless  summer, I send you wishes for a lovely Monday and a beautiful week ahead.

Big hugs to all.  Jo

8 thoughts on “Back to School Anxiety (Mine, Not Theirs)

  1. I hope yours have a fantastic first day of school and that you find time to enjoy some of the quiet today. I love my kiddos to death, but (and) I do my best recharging when I have quiet time in my day. 💛

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    1. It’s funny to me how summer provides us with great time to connect but it can also be a little wild with the nonstop everything. School has its own issues (and then some at times), but the contrast of the lack of kid craziness every hour of the day has its benefits, too. I’m taking two minutes to check comments and then will be back to work shortly. It’s quiet. It’s luxuriously quiet. I must admit that I am not minding that at the moment. 😉


  2. I remember that feeling, Jo! My youngest is 28 now and I have packed him back off to his home in Leeds with a cooked breakfast and his lovely lady. Sigh! 😦 Have a good week! There’s a rainbow out there somewhere. 🙂 🙂

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    1. Did you hear that sound in the distance? That was my head exploding. Seriously – I can’t tell you why but my mind just went “KA-BOOM!” when I read your words “…and his lovely lady.” It seems impossible to imagine, but I will blink and there we will be as well. I feel like Dorothy unable to flip over the hourglass. Make it stop! Make them clean their rooms but still also make it stop! ❤️


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