Parenting Reality – Back to School Photo Fails

MOJO - 2018 - first day reality1 - what you see

I love it when I meet a parent who owns the reality that comes with raising kids. There’s the family life that we typically display on social media (image above).  And then there’s every other minute of the day that we constantly attempt to keep tucked away along with the rest of the crazy we are sporting (every other photo).

MOJO - 2018 - first day reality2 - what you DONT see

MOJO - 2018 - first day reality3 - what you DONT see

MOJO - 2018 - first day reality4 - what you DONT see

Are my kids the only ones who balk annually at first day of school and Xmas card pics? Where are everyone else’s crappy kid attitude photos? Let’s just go ahead and be honest with each other. Those are the ones most of us secretly want to see anyway.

Or again, maybe not. Perhaps I’m a twisted sister, and it’s just me and my photographically belligerent crew who can’t see to figure out a happy approach to these yearly rituals.

(But I don’t think so…)

😉  Jo

24 thoughts on “Parenting Reality – Back to School Photo Fails

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  2. I tell my daughter “this is going on Facebook” and she smiles. But I hav3 a whole bunch of friends who don’t post pics cause there kids won’t let them….so…there you have it. Cute kids!

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  3. I’ve only got one first day of school photo, and my mother took it as I headed down the sidewalk to first grade. Yep. We walked to school, and I walked to school by myself on the first day of first grade, and that’s just the way it was. Eventually, we kids figured out who was where in the neighborhoods, and we walked together. But lines of parents in cars, dropping us off? It never happened, except in winter if it dropped below zero. I wouldn’t have traded walking to school for anything — it was great fun.

    Your kids are not only nice-looking, they look like they’d be fun to know. Of course, I’m not the parent, so there’s that.

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    1. They are actually a blast 99% of the time. Maybe 98%. But photo time falls squarely in the 2%! Ours walked with the first house but the current school is across a highway that makes the Autobahn look like the slow lane. 😉


  4. I must be the only mom in Americanthat didn’t take back to school pictures. Many years, I had no camera. When i did have one, I didn’t know it was a thing. Not one did that where we were growing up. When did that become a thing? And the Christmas card pictures? I must have been raised by wolves!

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    1. We never took family photos but my mom had a Polaroid camera she would bust out every year. For two decades she took a 1st day pic. She did this long before it became a big thing. As a bonus she displayed them in a running line in our kitchen so every human in the land who entered our home would see me in all my badass 2nd grade dorkiness. Thanks again Mom!

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      1. She’s definitely one of the good ones. I hated the pics while I was growing up, but of course I see them very differently now (with regard to my own kids / my old pics still stink!). 😂


      1. I always believed that children should be brought up with free speech and not suppressed to fit into what is called the norm! Your son looks easy going considering he has two sisters to put up with 😳
        P.s. I dislike Facebook 😉


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