Another Life Claimed by Suicide

Tonight I received a call informing me that a family in our community lost a parent to suicide. Sadness doesn’t begin to describe my feelings for them. When I told my husband, of course he felt the same. In the course of our conversation about this, he made this comment that so many people make.

“No matter how bad I feel, I just can’t imagine it getting to the point that I would do that to my family.”

There is very real truth is those words. He can’t imagine it. Although my husband has his own heavy emotions and struggles to carry, he has never walked the path of someone who lives with severe clinical depression. He literally cannot fathom the world through that unimaginable filter. If a person has not faced the darkest of nights or wrestled to the depth of their soul about the value of their own life, they have no way of comprehending the torturous confusion and pain of those moments.

A person who committes suicide did not have a clear perception of their reality. His thoughts were terribly twisted. He couldn’t recognize the tidal wave of devastation that his death would bring. He didn’t see that his mind was creating vicious lies, and he couldn’t understand that his life was precious and invaluable. He truly could not comprehend that he was and still is needed more than he could ever believe.

All that person knew was that he wanted the pain to end, and that he didn’t want to hurt the people in his life anymore. He had no ability to perceive that his leaving his family would create a deep void in their hearts. Although they would heal to some extent over a long, long time, that place in their hearts would forever remain jagged and raw. His presence will never be forgotten, and he will always be loved.

If you are fighting this battle in your mind, do not believe the lies that depression creates. It poisons your thoughts and tells you that you have no value. That confusion feels so real but it is the cruelest of tricks. Don’t you dare ever believe those lies. Never ever ever.

Your mind will not stay in darkness forever. You must continue to hold on whenever you most want to let go. Your life has value beyond measure, and the people in your world need you more than you can fathom. Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be worth living, and despite what you seem to see all around you, everyone is fighting some kind of battle.

If you struggle with loneliness, self-worth issues, fear, guilt, or overall chronic imperfection, you are landing solidly on the scale of normal humanity. You aren’t alone in this and you don’t have to be alone in depression either.

Speak up. Ask for help. And hold on another day. And if needed, hold on again. Just don’t give in and don’t give up.

You’ve got this, and we’ve got each other. You are here for a reason. Give your life a chance to prove that to you.

You matter and your life is precious. Fight to keep it. Always.

My heart and prayers are with every person who has lost someone to this battle. Please know that it was never your fault, and it wasn’t the fault of the person who committed suicide either. Depression is a vicious disease.

***Please contact the National Suicide Prevention Hotline if you feel like you are at the end of your rope and truly can’t hold on much longer. If you are seriously considering ending your life, you desperately need to speak to someone who can help clear the blackness and the lies that are you can’t control in that moment. Call 1-800-273-8255 and please please please get help.

You are precious and you matter.

In love and light always.


10 thoughts on “Another Life Claimed by Suicide

  1. I’m so sorry. Suicide is hard on the family and somehow, I do t think they get the same level of support afterwards as families who lose a loved one to an accident or illness, although the family’s trauma is likely higher. It’s just sad all the way around.

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    1. I assumed that people would automatically respond with extreme sensitivity and kindness to families who lost someone to suicide, but I saw something very different from a small number of people when this happened to a friend of mine. It’s shocking the way some people throw judgement and misunderstanding in the face of such pain. I pray that those people wake up and do learn to see the extreme trauma that these famies feel.

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  2. I am pained to hear of your loss. Depression is a serious disease. You explained the thought process of the person, deep in depression and suicidal, very well. It’s a way out, a way to stop the pain, a way to control what you can no longer control. Irrational thought seems right. But sadly, it leaves the living devastated.

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    1. The truth is that I don’t know the family personally, but our children attend the same school. I wish that I did know them though. They could use every ounce of support and understanding. You and I know the other side of the equation. The part that is unimaginable unless your mind has been there. Sharing that wouldn’t take away their pain at all, but maybe it might give their hearts some modicum of peace even if only for a moment just to know that it wasn’t their fault (the family or the victim). I miss you sweet friend. My heart always feels lighter when I see your name. 🙂

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      1. Awe… it feels nice to be missed! What a sweet comment. Thank you, Jo. That poor family. Yes, you and I know the mindset… you are right, I don’t think that’d help them either. Knowing that it isn’t their fault is the key. Taking any opportunity to make this fact known is dicey, as you don’t personally know them… just so sad. xo

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  3. Your words ring true on many levels. When someone is so lost that they feel their only option is to end their life the repercussions ripple much further than one might think they would… I would like to add to your thoughts that when someone is fighting their demons/darkness it may not be possible for them to reach out to ask for help. They may be too deep in the muck. If anyone suspects someone is in or near that frame of mind an offer of help or even better, asking are they considering taking their life, might be enough to turn the tide of their dark thoughts…

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    1. I absolutely agree. When you are in that state of mind, everything gets so confusing and you may not even realize that help is out there. I love your point about reaching out to someone who appears to be in trouble. So often we wait for people to open up to us, but the truth is that many more people could be saved by another person taking a moment to reach out to him or her. Beautiful comment darling. Hugs to you. Joanna

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